Praise the Lord Living Waters Ministries,

     This Christian race we are engaged in is not given to the swiftest or even the strongest, but to the one who endureth unto the end. This is a marathon and not a sprint. I am sure you have noticed by now that this life is full of change, there is Satan on one side, throwing pitfalls and stumbling blocks in our path to hinder and even stop our progress. And on the other side, is God who is working in us and for us to take us to a desirable end. The people of God must advance from glory to glory in their Christian experience.

     We must allow the Holy Spirit to take us from one spiritual state to a higher spiritual state so God can develop us into the image of his son Jesus. When we begin to walk in what God has ordained for our life we begin to experience the real joy of Christian living. It is a fact that the highest state of development produces the highest fellowship with God and therefore the highest form of living. We must press through stumbling blocks produced by the devil and pass through the natural test of life that often takes us off course. We must pursue the highest state of development that God has for us and not allow ourselves to be stuck in a state that is counterproductive to our development. We must press and pass through the different stages of life!

In His Service
Bishop Lee R. Bruner


Hold On In A Storm!

Praise The Lord People of God!

     Recently Hurricane Sandy caused major damage and injury to the East Coast of the United States.  No one knows yet just how much pain and suffering this storm produced.  But, like all storms the after affect is not easily calculated, sometimes it takes years to see the results of a storm.  Webster’s definition for ‘storm’ is a “violent disturbance of the atmosphere; a tempest; an outbreak; an assault on a strong position to take in a violent rage.”  I believe this description rings true in all types of storms whether physical, emotional, relational or spiritual.  It is a sad fact that storms are a part of life (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).  But if the child of God handles them correctly they will work the patience of God in him and prove that their faith is genuine.  

     God never creates the storm in our lives for He speaks “Peace be still” to all storms (Mark 4:39).  But He does use the storms we are in to develop a higher maturity in us.  Remember, Jesus was glorified after He went through the storm of crucifixion!  You may be in a storm as you read this but be encouraged God still speaks peace, He is a God of resurrection.  He is the builder of that which has been broken and He will never forget about you.  It is true that storms take things from us but God will replace what you lost with what you need!  Hold on in you storm, God is there with you and He’s going to speak peace to your situation.  God will get the glory and elevate you in the process, (Romans 5:3) says “We glory in tribulations also; knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope.”  God is working it all out for our good.  He’s doing something in us and for us. You can make it through; your faith is golden so "Hold On!"

     Let me leave you with this to ponder, “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18) Hold on the glory is coming!


In His Service
Bishop Lee R. Bruner

Praise The Mighty Name of Jesus

Psalms 31:20, John 15:1-7
This year 2012 is the time to get to know God in a deeper and more intimate way. I want the people of God to forget about the past and focus on the now. God now desires His people to draw closer to him so he can begin to reveal Himself to them on all more personal level. The real joy in being a Christian is the intimate times of fellowship we have with the Lord one on one. I'm afraid that most believers are missing out on this important part of Christian experience. They only go to church and in most cases they really don't enter into true worship, probably due to the fact that they don't know how to be intimate with the Lord. Let's change that! It's not normal for Christians to not know how to be intimate with God. All we receive that is good in this life comes through our close relationship with God in the union of the Holy Spirit. Child of God, when we hide ourselves in the Lord He protects us, guides us, comforts us and reveals Himself in deeper and more fulfilling ways.

We never grow weary or cold in our faith because of being connected to the vine of life. As a matter of fact, when one doesn’t develop an intimate relationship with Christ, they become dull and cold and uninvolved with all spiritual things. They can’t fast or pray or even read their bible. That is not the life of Christ! We must abide in Him or we will die spiritually. Let’s seek the Lord with all our heart so that we can find Him. The real joy is not the things that God gives us materially. We can get a new car or house and these things will give us a momentary joy but sooner than later, we find ourselves wanting a new one and that’s ok because material things were never meant to satisfy us. Jesus is the one thing however, that when you truly spend the time to get to know Him can never be replaced. He alone can satisfy the longing in the souls of men.

Brothers and sisters if we really want true joy and happiness we must get closer to Jesus, I’m trying to tell you that all you seek and need is in Jesus! He’s not a car or a house or even a husband or wife. He is the Prince of Life and if we have Him we have everything. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6). When we develop a real relationship with the Lord, then and only then will we be truly fulfilled and satisfied. Let’s get serious about our relationship with God this year. Let’s get hungry and thirsty for Jesus so that He might satisfy the longing of our hearts by giving us more of Himself!

In His Service
Bishop Lee R. Bruner

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